Unparalleled insight into virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive media


Introducing Limina Immersive

Led by BAFTA-winning immersive expert Catherine Allen, Limina helps organisations identify and seize the opportunities that immersive tech brings – in a responsible way. Our eye-opening research and consultancy draws from years of investigation and ongoing audience analysis.

Limina Immersive is a UK-based research organisation and consultancy dedicated to helping teams bring immersive technology to broader audiences. We have a track record of our work and research informing UK policy and law.

Since 2016 we have brought immersive technology experiences to over 15,000 in-person audience members through our touring VR theatres. We have conducted seminal studies with world-leading universities. Through this research, combined with our team’s background in producing award-winning virtual reality experiences, we have an unparalleled understanding of immersive media and a uniquely holistic approach to researching it. 

We deliver our work in the form of consulting, audience research projects, reports, workshops, talks and seminars. 

Our key areas of focus are:


We help teams develop a critical understanding of the medium, going beyond just ‘trying VR’ or ‘having a go with AR’. This is essential for decision-making or developing ideas.


Who is using immersive tech, and why? We track and analyse VR and AR usage from new and existing audiences. Stay on the pulse with the latest immersive consumer usage data, segments and trends. 


We believe immersive media should follow the same principle as the doctor’s oath of ‘do no harm’. Our toolkit of support can offer your project the very best in audience-care. 

Organisations we have worked with include: