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Limina’s VR Theatre pilot in Bristol wraps up

| Limina Immersive
Our pilot of a dedicated VR theatre in Bristol is coming to an end this month & we’re going on tour with sell-out VR show, World of Cirque du Soleil.

Find out what we’ve learned from the pilot & what these learnings could mean for the emerging VR sector
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David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef comes to the Limina VR Theatre in Bristol!

| The Bristol Post
"Bristol's ground-breaking virtual reality theatre is offering people the chance to explore the seas with David Attenborough.

Limina Immersive...will screen David Attenborough’s Great Barrier Reef Dive and The Guardian’s critically acclaimed natural history experience, Songbird, from this weekend onwards."
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Limina Immersive selected for the CE50!

| Creative England
Limina are excited to announce our selection as one of Creative England's CE50 companies for 2019!

Creative England’s annual CE50 highlights some of the exceptional talent that we believe will be central to the UK’s creative economy in the coming years. To identify the CE50 we liaise with creative industry leaders, as well as working closely with our industry specialist staff, to recognise the talented minds across England who are at the very forefront of creativity. The nominations are shortlisted by heads of department before being presented to the senior leadership team for final selection.

This year’s list recognises the rapid rise of immersive technology experiences which bring together skills from across the worlds of tech and digital, film and television, and games, creating incredible content and experiences for consumers. Many of this year’s cohort are fusing creativity with technology to create meaningful solutions to real world problems.
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How women are taking a leading role in Virtual Reality

| The Guardian
“Making VR as an artist was such a joy, but the lack of diversity in audiences was something I couldn’t shake,” says [Catherine] Allen. “I was frustrated that the only people who could see my work were a really narrow group. Mainly young men who used their headset for gaming. What was the point of making VR content if the audience was this narrow?”

[Catherine] co-founded Limina Immersive in 2016 with Chris Sizemore, the commissioner of her earlier BBC projects, to bring VR to broader audiences. The firm provides curation and consultancy, and has a dedicated VR theatre. “I know the VR industry is really trying to be inclusive. But there’s a way to go and we are fighting against the grain,” she says. “There are gender gaps already emerging, but it isn’t too late to fix things.”

Allen also launched the initiative, A Vision for Women and VR, which she describes as “a rallying cry to steer the industry in a direction that reflects society’s best self rather than its worst”.
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The UK’s first Virtual Reality Theatre opens in Bristol!

| Bristol 24/7
The UK’s first virtual reality theatre is now open for business in Bristol, with a programme of artistic, natural history, documentary and culture experiences.

Limina, supported by the Watershed and located on the walkway underneath its Pervasive Media Studio, hopes to offer “a collective activity, presented in a shared, relaxed, seated environment”.

Its opening programme allows visitors to meet threatened Kenyan elephants, step on stage with Cirque du Soleil’s performers, submerge yourself under the ocean with a free-diving yogi, take a surreal Alice in Wonderland-style journey through Dakar, and see one of the earth’s most endangered and beautiful coral reefs.
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Limina Immersive to launch UK’s first dedicated arts VR venue

Limina Immersive announce the opening on April 12th of the UK’s first dedicated arts VR venue, LIMINA:
The Virtual Reality Theatre, supported by Watershed.

The opening programme will present a selection of the world’s best artistic, natural history, documentary
and culture experiences. Limina’s VR shows will run 6 nights per week, Wednesday – Monday and all day
and evening at weekends. Officially opening on April 12th, with public previews from April 4th, the VR
Theatre experience will be a collective activity, presented in a shared, relaxed, seated environment.
Suitable for all ages from 13+, the programme is designed to be perfect for a day or night out with friends
or family.
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An interview with Limina’s Catherine Allen in today’s Guardian about immersive media ethics in relation to Amy Winehouse’s hologram tour

| The Guardian
Sample segment:

“Consent for holograms is going to be a hot topic,” says Catherine Allen, founder of the arts venue virtual reality platform Limina Immersive and an expert on VR and its ethics.

There is .... "a key ethical difference with immersive media rather than representative media, such as books or films. “It is about simulating experiences to audiences as if they were real, rather than representing things through symbols. An audience member ‘does’ an augmented reality or a virtual reality experience rather than watches it.

“It is important to think about ethics at this early stage of the development of the immersive sector, because it is still relatively new, it is still being shaped,” she continues. “The norms that we create now will set the standard for the future.”
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Limina launch the Vision for Women in VR, in partnership with King’s College London, The University of Brighton and Refig

20 influential women working in the UK VR industry have come together to create a vision for the future.

This vision is for a future where the immersive sector challenges the status quo of gender imbalance in creative industries and tech, seizing the opportunity to craft VR into an inclusive and healthy sector that learns from the mistakes of other media sectors.

A Vision for Women and VR (VWVR) is a collective visionary document bringing together the experiences and expertise of women working in this new industry. This is a timely challenge to ensure this transformative media is influenced by both men and women, reflects our society, shapes mainstream culture and affects behavioural change.
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Limina’s founder wins Marie Claire Future Shapers Award for her work in innovation & inclusion in the VR sector

| Catherine Allen / Marie Claire | Project: Future Shapers Award
Last night, Marie Claire, one of the world’s most respected and well-read women’s magazines, put VR and inclusion on the national agenda by dedicating an award to it at a star-studded ceremony — awarding Catherine Allen with a Future Shapers award for virtual reality sector innovation.

Catherine was deeply honoured to see Limina’s influence on the UK VR sector being recognised like this – to see it noted, so early on in a medium’s development that the work of creating a ‘normal’ context for creative VR content to be experienced in, by diverse audiences is important. She dedicated the award to the women who work in the VR sector.
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Limina’s Founder Catherine Allen was a guest on the BBC R4 Today Programme

| BBC Radio 4
Catherine was invited on to the Today Programme to defend the VR industry, after commentators noted the lower-than-expected sales for home entertainment headsets.
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Our Limina VR Exhibition software is previewing at Encounters Film Festival this week

| VR Focus
The full app will launch in the coming months, but this week we are previewing it in Beta at Encounters Film Festival in Bristol. To come along and see it in action visit the Encounters Festival website to buy tickets for a screening:
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Limina’s Catherine Allen takes part in BBC Click’s live recorded debate at FutureFest. Now available on iPlayer Radio

| BBC Click World Service
BBC Click's special FutureFest episode was a live debate where three tech experts were brought in to discuss technology's caring side. It was recorded live at NESTA's FutureFest. Catherine and two other experts explored topics like 'should we expect machines care for us?' and 'what sort of duty of care should tech companies have towards their users?'.
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Virtual reality: a beginners’ guide for the arts

| The Space
Catherine Allen, Director of Limina Immersive, and producer on two of the BBC's first VR experiences, tells Eleanor Turney how arts organisations can start to experiment with the possibilities of virtual content
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Feeling the Force: are shared VR experiences the future of entertainment?

| Tech Radar
Can virtual reality build meaningful social interactions?

Going to a physical space with others and venturing into a virtual world doesn’t always have to involve action, total body immersion and an eye-watering budget. The presentation and implementation of arts VR can benefit from an added social element too – the arts have, after all, been fueled by discussion, collaboration and connection for millennia.

“One of the great things about what the industry calls 'in-location VR' is that it turns into a fun leisure activity that you can do with your friends,” award-winning VR specialist Catherine Allen from Limina Immersive tells us.

“At Limina we frame VR as an arts experience, a bit like seeing some immersive theatre or watching an indie film. We have run many arts VR events across the UK and at festivals, and, as you'd expect, people tend to come in groups.”

Allen believes one of the benefits of the way Limina sets up these experiences is the discussions that take place afterwards, and the connections this leads to. “The feedback has been awesome,” she adds. “People love the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the content and then discuss their experiences afterwards, often in the bar, with the people they've come with.
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Catherine Allen announced on programme for Latitude Festival 2018

| Latitude Festival
'Become enlightened about the new digital interventions in learning and therapy with BAFTA-winning immersive media specialist Catherine Allen...'
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British Council’s Spotlight features Limina’s Catherine Allen

| British Council
"The VR pioneer and director of Limina Immersive, a VR curation and exhibition startup and British Council partner, whose goal is to make VR more accessible, talks us through her reality..."
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Immersive Content Formats for Future Audiences report released

| VR Focus | Project: Immersive Content Formats For Future Audiences
"Providing an overview of the range of creative, immersive content experiences which have been released over the last five years, the first report titled Immersive Content Formats For Future Audiences, looks to identify format patterns within the industry. Understanding these patterns and trying to make the next trend can be key to creating a successful product that fits within the current market state."
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Who’s who in virtual reality

| EasyJet Traveller Magazine
"Allen’s Limina Immersive exists to wrestle VR headsets away from the clutches of affluent early adopters and place them in the hands of the masses."
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After the success of 2017’S VR Diversity Initiative, Catherine Allen hands over leadership to Nina Salomons

| VR Focus | Project: VR diversity initiative
"[Allen is] a strong role-model as a female working in the VR space."
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Fantasynth’s music visualisation wins Limina Creative VR Award

| VR Focus | Project: Limina VR Weekender
"After a sellout VR arts festival in December, Fantasynth has been awarded a VR arts award...The future of interactive VR entertainment is only becoming brighter by the day, and Fantasynth’s great reception is hopefully the sign of even greater things to come"
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I spoke to 300 VR audience members over 48 hours – here’s what they want

| The Bookseller | Project: Limina VR Weekender
"If you are a publisher planning on collaborating on or releasing your own VR, the best way to give your work the edge is to speak to audiences about their VR experiences, in order to really understand what works for them and what doesn’t. Last weekend my company, Limina Immersive, put on the UK’s first VR-only arts festival for the public in Watershed, Bristol - and I got to do just that: speak to hundreds of people who had just experienced a range of VR content."
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Why virtual reality has to be for everyone

| Wareable
VR specialist Catherine Allen on building the future of the industry

"Early adopters always have been - and always will be - important in the development of new mediums. But in order for VR to sustain itself, from both a creative and commercial point of view, it must appeal to mainstream audiences.

"Without putting content to the mainstream (who mostly don't own headsets), we won't know what sort of content works and what doesn't," said Allen. It's impossible to develop a new form of creative media in a vacuum. Right now we are at risk of that happening."
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The Future of Virtual Reality

| TEDx
A talk by Catherine Allen, founder of Limina Immersive

"VR is more than a medium. It's an industry. An industry that is forming around us. What can we learn from the construction of other industries? If we could go back in time, and change Hollywood's early days, for example, or Silicon Valley, what would we do differently?"
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The UK’s first virtual reality arts festival Limina VR Weekender is taking place in Bristol

| The Bristol Post | Project: Limina VR Weekender
"From cutting edge dance, to a VR wildlife safari, to a trip through a surrealist painting, The Limina VR Weekender will be a truly immersive experience which aims to open people’s senses to a world of creative potential."
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How women are gaining ground in virtual reality

| The Guardian
"Finding ways to amplify women’s voices, stories and narratives is no mean feat, but virtual reality is starting to look like a positive space in which to execute those stories. “We’re still working out what virtual reality even is, how it fits into society and who experiences it,” Allen says. “I don’t think it has more opportunity to expose people to women’s stories than any other medium, but because, as an industry, it is newer we have a responsibility to help make it the most diverse form of entertainment it can be – and one that can be reflective of society."
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Augmenting Reality with Virtual Reality

| BBC Click
In a special edition, Click looks at the latest innovations in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality experiences.
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It’s time to prepare yourself for ‘VR panic’

| Wired Magazine
"As virtual reality grows in popularity, so will the scare stories surrounding it"
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