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Join us for three weekends of LGBT+ themed virtual reality, in conjunction with Bristol Pride.

Virtual Reality takes us to spaces and places we cannot visit, and brings us intimate moments of connection with people we could never meet. Virtual Reality, therefore, is the perfect space to talk about gender identities, bodies and sexualities that sit ‘outside the norm’ and allow us to question what ‘normal’ is.

The works in these two shows, curated by Tessa Ratuszynska, offer perspectives that challenge norms, imagine and celebrate other ways of being, and remind us why a fight against the oppressive idea of ‘normal’ is still so important today.

On Saturdays: Virtually Queer 1

Virtual Drag 

Experience drag like never before. Float through a world of drag performers, where feminine stereotypes are deconstructed in this incredible virtual world.

By Alison Bennett, Megan Beckwith & Mark Payne

Keyed Alike

At a riverside railing covered in love locks, two very different women meet by chance. They argue and tease each other about the nature of first love; lasting or fleeting? They don’t seem to see us as we watch this intimate encounter. We are exposed, outside but invisible, as they move around us.

By Chloe Thomas & Alex Rühl

Authentically Us: A Treasured State

Acton Seibel is a normal guy who came home to Missoula, Montana to transition. As a transgender person of color working in a traditionally masculine industry as a mechanic, he challenges us to see beyond politics. (2018) 

By Jesse Ayala, Connor Lonning, & Anna Therese Day, Oculus VR for Good, Pride Foundation, Fovrth Studios

Authentically Us: She Flies By Her Own Wings

Shannon Scott, driven by the military tenet of “Leave No One Behind,” pulls the levers of democracy urging freedom and justice for all be secured from the marbled halls of Washington D.C. to the hallowed ground of those who championed transgender equality before her. 

By Jesse Ayala, Connor Lonning, & Anna Therese Day, Oculus VR for Good, Pride Foundation and Fovrth Studios

On Sundays: Virtually Queer 2

Through Darcelle’s Eyes

Since the beginning of her drag career in the late sixties, Darcelle XV has been a leading advocate for LGBTQ+ rights, using the power of drag and charity work as a force for good in her community. Such work is nothing new for Darcelle, who has been an integral part of the gay-rights movement in Portland, Oregon since it began. At 88 years young, Darcelle shows no signs of slowing down. “Through Darcelle’s Eyes” introduces audiences to the life and journey of a legendary performer who braved discrimination and never backed down. Walk a mile in Darcelle’s glittery pumps and experience what life is really like for the world’s oldest drag queen. 

By Rachel Bracker & Brad Gill

Authentically Us: We’re Still Here

We're Still Here follows Aiden Crawford, a Two-Spirit artist and historian in Boise, Idaho, who struggles to preserve and revive his heritage in a race against time. Two-Spirit is a cultural term describing the fluidity of gender identity and sexuality with respect to traditional tribal roles across the First Nations.

By Jesse Ayala, Connor Lonning, & Anna Therese Day, Oculus VR for Good, Pride Foundation and Fovrth Studios

About the curator

Tessa Ratuszynska is an artist working in documentary, virtual reality and installation. She’s a guest curator of VR for Limina Immersive and independently programmes VR for national and international exhibitions. She is passionate about bringing VR to diverse audiences and curating interesting, beautiful and challenging VR works. Tessa is also a PhD researcher exploring queer identities inside virtual reality, and is a founding member of ‘The OthVRs’: a collection of artists working in 360 film, VR and new media to create experimental works exploring neurodivergent, queer and other ‘othered’ experiences. In all her work Tessa is concerned with skill sharing, representation, inclusivity and accessibility for audiences and makers within the immersive media landscape.

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