We are thrilled to be welcoming you to a VR show at LIMINA. Our mission is to bring this thriving art form to as many people as possible. Over the last few years we have learned that the way we screen content makes a big difference.

Please read this guide carefully, as it will help you feel more immersed, really enabling you to let go and get the most out of the whole experience.

Most of our shows are suitable for ages 13 and upwards. Sometimes the age recommendation is higher, in which case we will highlight this in our programme. Our 13+ lower age limit is because a parent or guardian cannot supervise a child whilst they are also in VR. Looking after children isn’t something that our hosts’ role encompasses. 

Please note we do not offer refunds or rescheduling on tickets. 

Our address for satnav purposes is Unit 5, Waterfront, Bristol, BS1 5UH. The nearest carpark is Wapping Wharf or the Millennium Square car park. The nearest bus stop is called The Centre and is a 2 minute walk.



Please check in with our receptionist 10 minutes before your show starts, and grab a seat in our waiting area. This is not a drop-in experience & latecomers are not permitted.



Our receptionist will take your coats and bags and put them securely behind the counter in the cloak room area. Belongings will be secure at all times.

No Photos

You will be invited into the screening space with your host.

Please note that photographs are not permitted in this zone.


The Show

Shows will begin with a briefing from your Limina VR Hosts, followed by the screening of curated VR content.

Shows will run for a total of 50 mins including the intro and outro. There are usually between 2 – 6 VR experiences depending on length, which run for approximately 30 mins all together. This is based on recommended guidelines for first-time VR users.


The screenings are designed to be a shared experience. Each VR showing is for a maximum of 12 people at a time.

You will experience the VR content alongside other audience members in a dedicated VR-screening space. We use swivel chairs with optional cushions.  


We have a comfortable, relaxed and quiet ‘decompression zone’ where you can re-ground yourself again in the physical world before going outside into the city. This zone is strictly a quiet space. 

VR headsets can rub makeup off a little bit. We have several large bathrooms that you are welcome to use afterwards for any hair or makeup touch-ups.



Limina aims to be as inclusive, accessible and welcoming as possible to all customers. If you have specific access or inclusion requirements or questions then please email us (admin@liminaimmersive.com) to discuss before your booked show, so we can prepare beforehand and give the best VR experience possible. 

Headsets are adaptable for glasses wearers. We advise that you try the headset with and without glasses during the ‘on-boarding’ section of the show to see which feels best. We allow plenty of time to make sure you are comfortable. Please note that unfortunately varifocals are not compatible with VR.

We are on the ground floor and wheelchair accessible, with a ramp, if necessary.

We aim to be as accessible as possible, so please email us with any other access requirements at admin@liminaimmersive.com.

Group Bookings

We offer the option of exclusive group bookings, where a group can exclusively have the space to themselves. If you would like to book this we would be more than happy to accomadate, please email: admin@liminaimmersive.com with plenty of notice.


We offer drinks that you can purchase and take into the show with you. Drinks are in glass bottles and come with paper biodegradable straws. We use ‘straw stoppers’ to stop your drink from spilling during the VR show.

Food is not permitted in the VR Theatre. For a pre or post-show meal, we recommend the many dining options around the Harbourside, for instance Watershed’s café/bar, Harbour & Browns, Root, Pieminister and Harbourside No.1. Society Cafe is just across the water and does lovely coffee.