Jennifer Lyon Bell’s ‘Second Date’ – Limina present the female gaze in VR erotica, with supporting act Tidal Traces

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20th of April | 7:50 pm

Second date is probably the world's most erotic, sensual and intimate VR film. In a significant departure from typical VR representations of sex, Second Date encourages the viewer to intimately share the couple’s emotional and physical space, but not as an actual intruder. As invisible witnesses, we empathetically take part in their connection.

The piece is a fly-on-the-wall, lighthearted, unscripted 360° portrait of two people fumbling towards ecstasy. Trying to find common ground, their conversation veers from clumsy to joyous and back again - until they finally start connecting for real.

The film shoot had a special structure: Second Date was indeed actors Anne and Bishop’s second date. The film’s director, Jennifer Lyon Bell, sent Anne and Bishop off to improvise their own private “first date” in Amsterdam on the day before the shoot. Jennifer’s only rule for the first date: No touching at all, not even kissing. As conceived by Jennifer, the point of the VR film Second Date was to let intimacy naturally develop between them – Jennifer assured Anne and Bishop that their individual spontaneous natural expression was much more important than having sex, or even kissing. Whatever happened during Second Date, or didn’t happen, should be completely up to them.

Director Jennifer Lyon Bell is the founder of Blue Artichoke Films, an independent Amsterdam film company dedicated to making award-winning, artistic, unusual erotic films that portray sexuality in an emotionally realistic way. Forever wishing that all movies had longer and better sex scenes, Harvard graduate Jennifer decided to mix arthouse cinema with hot explicit sex in her own work. She creates erotic fiction films and documentaries that illuminate the riveting, intimate, and sometimes delightfully awkward side of sex. Her award-winning films screen at international festivals, cinemas, and museums all over America, Europe, Japan, and South America, and her body of work recently won the 2015 European Feminist Erotica Award.

directed by Jennifer Lyon Bell for Blue Artichoke Films. Performed by Anne De Winter and Bishop Black

This screening of Second Date will be accompanied by the reflective dance performance short 360° film Tidal Traces, by Nancy Lee & Emmalena Fredricksson; produced by The National Film Board of Canada


Limina: The Virtual Reality Theatre
Unit 5, Canons Road,, Waterfront
Bristol, Avon BS1 4XJ United Kingdom