Award-Winning VR Documentaries

VR offers a moving and affective way to step into the shoes of others and experience different perspectives. With this show, experience two of the most critically acclaimed VR documentaries to date: Travelling While Black, a genre-defining VR documentary about freedom of movement created by Academy Award-winning director Roger Ross Williams, and a second award-winning piece shot entirely on location in California maximum-security prisons called Step to the Line.

Act 1: Travelling While BlacK

Traveling While Black delves into 'under-the-skin' issues. What does being under suspicion everywhere you go do to you? How does it shape your view of your world, your future, yourself? Travelling While Black is a VR documentary that confronts the way we understand and talk about Race in America. It immerses the viewer in the long history of restriction of movement for black Americans and the creation of safe spaces.

- Roger Ross Williams, Ayesha Nadarajah, Felix & Paul Studios

Act 2: Step to the Line

Shot entirely on location in a California maximum security prison, Step to the Line is a documentary that aims to provoke a transformation in the spectator’s eyes about prisoners, the US prison system, and the spectator themselves. Step to the Line is a story of the consequences of systematic racial inequality and an exploration of the ways lives are changed when someone serves time in prison.


- By Ricardo Langarono, Defy Ventures

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