What New VR Audiences Want

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This series of seminars for immersive creators, funders, venues and policy-makers shares the result of our four years of unparalleled live audience research.

Using live data and real life examples, What New VR Audiences Want will open your eyes to cultural VR from a potential audience members’ perspective – with a focus on newer audiences who are not seasoned VR users.

Book a tailored seminar to demystify the VR audience journey & increase the chances of your projects being successful with the public.

Our insight comes from:

  • Over 15,000 audience members with regular surveys & focus groups
  • 5 studies with university partners: King’s College, Warwick University, Bath Spa University, Storyfutures and the University of Brighton
  • Our own 6-month semi permanent cultural VR venue on Bristol’s Harbourside
  • 3 research partnerships with established venues; Watershed, HOME and Warwick Arts Centre
  • At-home VR usage insights from our own study with over 3500 participants

“Virtual reality is an alien concept to most of the public – 77% of the population have never experienced it. Of course for the sector to grow, this has to change. But how? For four years my team and our university partners have been dedicated to finding ways that creative virtual reality can both fit into and improve real people’s lives. We’re excited to launch this seminar series at a time when the nascent industry needs audience insight more than ever.”

— Catherine Allen, Limina’s CEO

“Working with Limina has been essential to developing our approach to using VR with real people”


“What excites me the most is the sheer potential of VR… I now see VR for the emerging art form that it is”


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Previous seminar clients include Nesta, Creative England, Digital Catapult and The British Council.

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  1. An introduction to VR as an art form
    Unpack and explore VR’s unique creative toolkit and the most popular genres and formats. Utilising Limina’s widely cited Digital Catapult report Immersive Content Formats for Future Audiences.
  2. What do the public want from cultural VR?
    Using the sales data and feedback of over 15,000 audience members, we share with you an overview and segmentation of audience appetite and the role they see these experiences playing in their lives. If you want to make or commission a VR experience that broad audiences really want to see, this is for you.
  3. A guide to marketing cultural VR
    Including six case studies of fantastic VR framing, packaging and exhibition
    Using pragmatic real life case studies, this seminar uses an inspiring selection of case studies to demonstrate a strong product/market fit in various audience segments’ lives.
  4. Best practice in out-of-home VR exhibition
    Audience members are highly vulnerable when in VR, so knowing the do’s and don’ts of VR exhibition is a must. Bad VR exhibition can ruin someones day and put them off VR altogether. We highly recommend this session if you are planning on exhibiting VR to the public. Learn from our trial and error to develop an exhibition plan with the audience member at the centre.
  5. Cultural VR sector in context: a market snapshot and SWOT analysis
    Where are we now, and what challenges and opportunities are on the horizon? Get up to speed and ahead of the curve with our grounded, audience-centric analysis of creative VR’s current state of play.
  6. Addressing VR’s gender gap
    According to King’s College research, only 14% of VR companies in the UK have any female directors, and that less than a third of the people who have experienced VR are women. However, what makes VR unique is its newness. The medium is still all to play for. In this talk, after outlining VR’s current gender problem, Catherine Allen will explore the opportunity that virtual reality has to learn from the mistakes of other industries like Hollywood and Silicon Valley by presenting a vision of what an equal future of VR could be like.

If you are a conference organiser, please note that each of these seminars can be adapted into a keynote presentation or similar.

“There are heaps of examples of people wanting to do VR as a leisure experience… we are in a great place to be seizing this opportunity”

Catherine Allen, Limina’s CEO

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