Drag VR!


Dive into the fabulous world of drag artistry, with a surreal twist - all through virtual reality.

ACT 1: Virtual Drag

Experience drag like never before. Float through a fantastical world of drag performers, where feminine stereotypes are deconstructed and explored.


By Alison Bennett, Megan Beckwith & Mark Payne

ACT 2: Through Darcelle’s Eyes

At 88, Darcelle is the world's oldest drag queen. Since the beginning of her drag career in the late sixties, Darcelle XV has been a leading advocate for LGBT+ rights, using the power of drag as a force for good in her community. Such work is nothing new for Darcelle, who has been an integral part of the gay-rights movement in Portland, Oregon since it began. At 88 years young, Darcelle shows no signs of slowing down. Through Darcelle’s Eyes introduces audiences to the life and journey of a legendary performer who braved discrimination and never backed down. Walk a mile in Darcelle’s glittery pumps and experience what life is really like for the world’s oldest drag queen. 


 By Rachel Bracker & Brad Gill 

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