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Unwind into four dazzling dreamscapes, surreal and sublime. These visually gorgeous virtual reality experiences will enchant and fascinate. Dive into a lucid dream.


In this vibrant dream-like VR film, we follow the journey of a little girl who gets a message that will guide her to a series of encounters with mythological beings in The Other Dakar. The everyday urban Daka’ becomes a stage of experimentation for its creator, the Senegalese fashion designer Selly Raby Kane, resulting in a homage to Senegalese mythology. Limina finds a surreal Alice in Wonderland-ness to the piece: the audience are invited to go through the metaphorical ‘looking glass’ to experience another side of the Senegalese capital.


“The Other Dakar is a manifesto in a sense, it is for me a way to reconnect the urban space with its mythology and to use design and creativity as a platform for the invisible Dakar to express her uniqueness.” — Selly Raby Kane


- Selly Raby Kane, Electric South, John Ndiaga Demps


With contemporary classical music by composer Peter Stopschinski and visuals by VR pioneer Quba Michalski, Ex\Static takes its audience on an enchanting, light-filled conceptual journey to stimulate reflections on modern society, culture and our use of technology.


- Quba Michalski, Peter Stopschinski


Enter a cosmic landscape and dance with the sun. Performed by Alexander Whitley Dance company, with beats from Daniel Wohl, Celestial Motion gets its inspiration from solar science data.


- The Guardian, Daniel Wohl, Alexander Whitley Dance Company, Sadler’s Wells, Shehani Fernando 


From skyscrapers and neon streets to cars and trains in motion - fragments of Tokyo float like stardust against the curtain of the night sky.


- WOW Inc.

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