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Sit back, relax and get prepared to let these five weird but wonderful VR experiences wash over you.

Magic forests. Geometric trips. Alien planets. Kaleidoscopic treats and giant tadpoles. This session is a real wild journey for your senses. Including the EDM beats of producers Hoffman, N'to and more, Infinite Trip makes an ideal element of your night out. Prepare to experience VR’s out-there buzz…

Act 1: Longing for Wilderness

Longing for Wilderness’ creator, Marc Zimmerman wants to offer his audience (you!) a reconnection with a primal sense of longing for nature in its rawest form. This experience will pick you up from noisy urban Bristol and transport you through to a gorgeous, slowly transforming forest. Experiencing is believing.

- By Epic Scapes, Marc Zimmerman

Act 2: Planet Infinity

Planet Infinity will take you on a trip - a really weird trip involving a dystopian future beyond imagination. Planet Infinity’s world is in ruins: only fungi and mold grow amongst the bodies of gigantic dried insects. When a weather change occurs, rain irrigates the arid planet and floods it gradually. In the water springs an ecosystem populated by huge carnivorous tadpoles.


- By Momoko Seto

Act 3: Fantasynth

Described by Road to VR as “an infectiously cool ride through mind-bending geometry”, Fantasynth lets its audience glide through a surreal imagination space that comes alight with the electronic dance music of N’to.


About N’to

N’to has a distinctive and pure sound that has made him one of France’s major techno artists. He is known for making generous rhythms, deconstructing sounds, betraying his audience’s habits and producing melodies that get straight to the point.


- By HelloEnjoy, N’To

Act 4: Tokyo Light Odyssey

From skyscrapers and neon streets to cars and trains in motion - fragments of Tokyo float like stardust against the curtain of the night sky.


- WOW Inc

Act 5: Prismatic

Prismatic is a human-size kaleidoscope. Submerge yourself in infinite reflections, strobes, colors and music. Featuring EDM glitch-hop from demoscene DJ/musician Hoffman, with visuals by VR pioneer QUBA.


- By Quba Michalski, Hoffman

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