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Swim with grey sharks and run with Ethiopian wolves in two perspective-shifting wildlife VR experiences.

Get up close and personal with these notoriously mysterious and misunderstood animals to gain a deeper understanding of Africa’s rarest predator and the social hunters of the sea.


ACT 1: 700 Sharks

Follow Laurent Ballesta, famous underwater specialist and marine biologist, in his quest to understand the hunting behaviour of the biggest shark pack in the world. Join this exciting expedition to the Fakarava atoll, located in the centre of the Pacific Ocean, to dive at night in the middle of the shark pack. In 1975, Spielberg influenced public opinion on sharks with the release of JAWS. We're pretty sure that "700 Sharks" will change the way you'll look at them!


by Le cinquième rêve, Neotopy & ARTE France

ACT 2: The 500

With less than 500 individuals, the Ethiopian wolf is one of the world’s most endangered species and is on the brink of extinction. The 500 offers audiences the rare opportunity to come face to face with these amazing creatures. Learn the story of local wolf monitor Alo Hussein, who is dedicated to saving them. For him, these wolves are family. The experience was created by Bristol’s natural history VR innovators, Biome Productions.


by Biome Productions, Born Free Foundation

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