2022 – 2023: Atlantic Institute XR Space design at Oxford University


Introducing the new AR/VR space that Limina designed & delivered for Oxford University’s Atlantic Institute.

We’re proud to have applied Limina’s principles and learnings from over the years to create a warm, welcoming and calm space for experiencing and creating virtual and augmented reality.

In terms of the design, curtains allow for super adaptability in a relatively compact space: room scale VR, a cosy circular VR cinema space and a blank canvas area for creative workshops and hybrid meetings. The large cupboards were inspired by big kitchen pantries – slide them open to see all sorts of VR/AR equipment to get inspired by.

We intentionally chose natural, soft-textured materials including untreated wool and walnut wood, to help ground and soften the atmosphere.

Whilst space includes the very latest in immersive technology kit, we didn’t want that to be the focus of the environment. Instead we aimed for holistic sanctuary feeling that welcomes in broad groups of people – regardless of their existing levels of XR experience.

“A fantastic space

We loved working with you and Limina on this project and are delighted with how the space operates”

Alice Wroe

XR Lead, Atlantic Institute