2021 – 2022: Five Women One Story VR experience


Funded by the Home Office’s Safer Streets initiative, Five Women One Story uses VR to plunge viewers into a raw and open conversation between young women about their experiences of misogyny and sexual harassment as they’ve grown up.  Commissioned by Warwickshire Police, the target audience of this series of 360 films are young men and boys in schools and colleges. The 360 films have been a great success, having reached thousands of young men, causing long lasting attitudinal change and winning a national policing award in 2023.  

More info can be found on Warwickshire Police’s website

Limina Immersive were initially brought in as consultants for research and concept development, leading to our CEO Catherine Allen directing the films. The production partner was RiVR studios. 

Catherine Allen says,

“Virtual reality can be an incredibly powerful tool for creating positive social change, and right now, something that desperately needs to change in the UK is the levels of misogyny young women face on a daily basis. The films place the viewer into an authentic, real-life conversation between women in their twenties, who together discuss the long term impact that everyday misogyny has had on them. The films demonstrate directly to young men the results of their behaviour; sexist behaviour that might feel like ‘just a laugh’ at the time can have serious long term effects on women, especially when incidents occur over and over again. The films covers a range of topics including catcalling, unwanted touching, cyber bullying, objectification and image-based sexual abuse. I hope that these VR films serve as a wakeup call and create long lasting change.”